and Comstock, Ferre
Present a Spring Gardening Event!

2:00 pm, Sunday, April 19

Cave Men, Kings, and Cannibals 
"Why we eat the plants we eat—
and have left behind so many good ones."

Joseph Simcox, the Botanical Explorer, will pull out his photo archives documentingJoseph Simcox- Cave Men, Kings, and Cannibals amazing edible plants around the world. He will also introduce and suggest an amazing number of rare and beautiful edibles for the Connecticut Gardener. Joseph has traveled to over 100 countries documenting the world’s useful plants. He is bringing new Comstock, Ferreperspectives about the future of food and the future of mankind’s interaction with nature. Suggested Donation $5. RSVP to Jim Woodworth:; 860-808-9968. Read, print, share the flyer.

Read the Call to Meeting and Winter Meadow View

skunk cabbage in the Wood Parcel

Take a bike ride through the Meadows
Self-Guided Map Cove/Old Weth/Meadows/RH Ferry

Take your kids for a nature hike in Wood Parcel
Maps available at kiosk or print your own
Nature never ceases to surprise at the Wood Parcel

How many painted turtles basking on logs in the duck pond?

How many painted turtles can fit on the logs in the pond? Coming soon--check them out!

Record so far? 30!


The blue sky imbues the bridge in blueOn a sparkling day, the bridge is imbued in blue.On a sparkling day, Dr. Ken captures the bridge imbued in blue.


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A Great Blue Heron perches on driftwood
on the Folly Brook delta in the Wethersfield Cove.

Great Blue heron in the Wethersfield Cove

Last Spring,a brood of wood ducklings splashed into the bushes while female sqawked and crossed the temporary bridge to distract attention

Family of woodducks in Woodparcel
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The Great Meadows Conservation Trust 

The Great Meadows Conservation Trust was incorporated in 1968 by concerned citizens of Wethersfield, Rocky Hill and Glastonbury as a non-profit tax exempt land trust to protect and preserve the Great Meadows. We wish to save the floodplain's vital agricultural, scenic, archeological and wetland resources, and are committed to working with like-minded groups and landowners.

We are organized to acquire land and negotiate conservation easements. We interact with state and local governments about decisions affecting the meadows, believing that the intrinsic value of the land must be high on the public agenda. Read our Mission Statement


A lone heron warms in the afternoon sun south side of Crow Point




Great Meadows Conservation Trust
P.O. Box 171
Glastonbury, CT 06033

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